U15 Senior Cup competition for the Hurricanes

Sunday 19th November 2017
Hurricanes V Woking
The Results      

In the team briefing before the game, the manager asked the lads to enjoy today and use it as preparation for next weeks second-leg Farnham match. And that they had everything to play for and nothing to lose.
He left out a little bit of information…..a loss would put them into the Senior Plate competition rather than the Cup (although he did fess this up at half time)!!
Woking won last years U14 Premier division and are holding their own in their first season in U15 Premier Elite division. The Hurricanes talked about their shape, pressing and pass/move, and most importantly looking after the ball.  

Another great start to their game, getting their possession play right from the first whistle. A fast paced game with Woking looking to break quickly. The Hurricanes got ahead with a perfect slotted through-ball to create the 1-on-1 with the keeper. And then doubled their lead with a point blank volley from a left wing cross, keeper had no chance.
2-0. Woking managed to get a goal back from a corner before the half time whistle.  

Second half was a bit scrappy from both teams at times, neither maintaining possession well under the pressure on the ball. There were chances for both teams to score. Finch forcing a top class save to stay in the game and were unlucky with a deflection on a goal bound shot from the edge of the box. Woking hit the upright and forced an on-the-line save in a Finch goal scramble. Woking pressure finally got them the equaliser. Both teams looked likely to score, but ran out of normal playing time.  

2-2 at full time, penalties to decide.  

Its funny how volunteering for penalties divides the lads in the confident players and the confidence players. Ben M, Callum, Morgan, Cam and Ollie all wanted pens and selected their order.
Four fantastically calm and confident pens from Finch kept the pressure on the home team, in spite of the mind games being played by the Woking keeper. Ben A went the right way on the first pen and made the crucial save on the second. Woking missed the target on their 4th penalty, giving Finch the win and entry to the Senior Cup.  

Massive Congratulations to the Hurricanes for getting into the highest trophy competition the SPL has to offer!! A thrilling game concluded by even more exciting penalty shoot out.  

2-2 in the game and 4-2 to Finch in the pens.  

Well done all.

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