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the guild of property professionals

Being selected as the local member of The Guild means we can provide an enhanced service; endorsed and supported by a respected national property association.

The Guild appoints just one independent estate agents in each area of the UK. We’re proud to have been selected as our local member, a testament to the professional and trusted service we provide. All members must meet certain criteria and adhere to the code of conduct set out by The Guild. Basically, The Guild is proof that we really are good at what we do, something we’ve been trying to tell you all along – now do you believe us?

But that’s not all, read below to see how The Guild can help you…

being a member of the guild means

we can offer you more value

It makes us part of a network of 800 trusted estate agents from around the UK, delivering local, regional and national property exposure. This means each member is able to assist in the promotion of your property through
syndic ted websites, publications and exhibitions provided by The Guild, and our agents can pass your details on to other members to help you find your next home.

David Cliff has a staffed presence at The Guild’s Central London office on Park Lane, where your property will receive full exposure to the extensive London market.