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David Cliff

"at the helm with shiny shoes"

[email protected]

Matt Pointing

"knowledge and purpose"

Charles Allan

"energy and humour"

Lewie Hastings

"tenacious, persistent but fair"

Harmony Meek-Lee

"sets new standards"

Ellie Preston

"born to be an agent"

Lyndsey Rogers

"how does she do it"

Natalie Stewart

"compliance queen"

Kane Barber

"the lettings encyclopedia"

Katie Clark

"truly unflappable"

Helen Carroll

"the queen of numbers"

Charley Butler

"our pocket rocket"

Tom Bowman

"he's all about work"

Craig Robertson

"stripey socks"

Tom Bole

"one of the nicest young guns in the industry "

Alec Macklin

"our very own salt & pepper"

Chloe Stewart

"a true relationship builder"

Dan Hill

"a real natural"

David Cliff “at the helm with shiny shoes”

We tried to get David to say ‘We’ve done it’ but we don’t think anyone will ever hear him say those words, as far as he’s concerned his success (so far) is down to some incredible staff and the support local people trusting him and his team with their homes and he won’t be taking that for granted any time soon.

Matt Pointing  “knowledge and purpose”

Having had many years’ experience in a more corporate side of the business, he now brings all that knowledge and has adapted it to the exciting world of independent agency, and the freedom that gives him to give the ‘right’ advice. When you need a calm head with the ability to pass on immense knowledge in a purposeful way, this is where you come.

Charles Allan “energy and humour”

This guy is one David was keen to land, and he’s delighted he did. A top valuer who really analyses the art of valuing to be sure our clients get the best. Listen, and he talks a lot of sense, questions himself in a positive way to make sure he’s given his best, and he does, a very popular character and never a dull moment with him around.

Lewie Hastings “tenacious, persistent but fair”

David met Lewie some years previously and wished he’d had a space in the team for him but didn’t. Roll on a few years and when the right opening appeared, David went straight back to get him and was delighted when he said yes. He’s relentless in the right way and has an incredible work ethic which both our clients and his colleagues love.

Harmony Meek-Lee  “sets new standards”

In her previous career she became no stranger to working long hours and looking after the public. This background along with an insane work ethic has created a top sales personality that David feels lucky to have in his company. She now sets the standards for others who follow and her ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude is there for her clients and colleagues to benefit from.

Ellie Preston – “born to be an agent”

No stone left unturned with this lady, she has an appetite for the industry that many would kill for and this translates itself into a dedicated and persistent negotiator who will look at every option and make sure she has you viewing everything you should be, she’s great to have on your side.

Lyndsey Rogers  “how does she do it”

The role of sales progression is one that strikes fear into most agent’s hearts. You need to be a particular person to manage this process In the right way, supporting the clients whilst solving problems that inevitably crop up, and Lyndsey is quite simply one of the best!
‘How does she do it’ is an expression David often hears from the wider team.

Natalie Stewart “compliance queen”

Compliance and regulations have come on so much and it’s something David Cliff as a company take very seriously, so David made the conscious effort to have a designated, detailed and thorough person to make this role their own. He was lucky enough to find Natalie, she is the lady who must be obeyed 😊 and keeps everything just as it should be.

Kane Barber  “the lettings encyclopedia”

This man is what David wanted as a ’head of lettings’ not chat but action, immense knowledge and a genuine desire to be the best he can be for our clients. Someone who will lead the team and support them so they too can be the best they can be. If you need to know ANYTHING lettings, he’s your go-to guy.

Katie Clarke  “truly unflappable”

As a property manager in the lettings team this lady just makes things tick and David has never seen her phased once. As with sales progression you do have to be a certain person to love this role and also to be able to do it well, Katie is the best we’ve seen. No matter what the issue she remains truly unflappable and simply solves problems, priceless.

Helen Carroll  “the queen of numbers”

The accounts admin role is a very important one and needs complete trust. David had worked with Helen for 15 years previously and after his business got to the size where someone of her experience was needed he made it clear that only she would do, and thankfully she came.

Charley Butler  “our pocket rocket”

Charley is a huge part of the Binfield & Warfield sales team and David knew her energy would help make this office light up.  To try and keep up with her is quite hard when she’s on a roll so if you need something done, pass it over and let her go with it.

Tom Bowman – “he’s all about work”

When changes happen at ‘david cliff’, David always sees it as an opportunity to improve, and Tom is a prime example of this. His ability and reputation for building offices by further raising standards of quality and service is well-known and this is just what he’s joined to do. The Binfield Office is already number one but now can realise it’s full potential across Binfield and Warfield and David knows he now has just the man to steer the ship.

Craig Robertson  “stripey socks”

Having lived in the villages for years it was always top of David’s list to have a great office to serve these areas led by someone with immense experience. When the opportunity came to secure one of the most respected and knowledgeable guys in the industry, that David first worked with in the 1980’s, he took it, that man was Craig Robertson.

Tom Bole  “one of the nicest young guns in the industry”

David was first aware of Tom when he did some work experience at the Mortimer Office with local director Craig. To be fair Tom said to Craig that he’d loved it and would like to be an agent, true to his word and fast forward a few years and he’s now a very popular member of the DC family, and clients love him.

Alec Macklin “our very own salt & pepper”

It’s not always easy to find people with immense experience and an enviable CV who still have the passion to ‘do the job’, so when the opportunity came to secure Alec, David jumped at it. His reputation for honesty and integrity is well-known throughout the industry and many competitors gasped (and muttered)) when he landed, but he’s found his home and grabbed the chance to be part of the DC family.

Chloe Stewart – “a true relationship builder”

When looking to Maidenhead David knew that he needed someone who lived and breathed the area and was both well-known and well-thought of in equal measure. The name that kept on coming back and had the most incredible reviews …. Chloe Stewart, an incredible addition to the DC family.

Dan Hill – “a real natural”

David’s ethos, “Surround yourself with great people”, perfectly aligns with bringing Dan on board – a decision that was a no-brainer. With his stellar reputation and a track record that speaks volumes, Dan’s ready to bring his A-game to the local community.

Residents of Crowthorne and Sandhurst, get excited! You’ve now got a champion in your corner, someone who’s truly at the pinncale of their profession.