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David Cliff

“at the helm with shiny shoes”

Craig Robertson

“stripey socks”

Harmony Meek-Lee

“nothing is too much trouble”

Lyndsey Rogers

“how does she do it”

Jay Lota

“just joined but feels like a winner”

Matthew Mullane

“simply doesn’t stop”

Chris Feedam

“always on the go”

Helen Carroll

“the queen of numbers”

Katie Clark

“truly unflappable”

David Cliff – “at the helm with shiny shoes”

We tried to get David to say ‘We’ve done it’ but we don’t think anyone will ever hear him say those words, as far as he’s concerned his success (so far) is down to some incredible staff and the support local people trusting him and his team with their homes and he won’t be taking that for granted any time soon.

Craig Robertson – “stripey socks”

Having lived in the villages for years it was always top of David’s list to have a great office to serve these areas led by someone with immense experience. When the opportunity came to secure one of the most respected and knowledgeable guys in the industry, that David first worked with in the 1980’s, he took it, that man was Craig Robertson.

Harmony Meek-Lee – “nothing is too much trouble”

In her previous career she became no stranger to working long hours and looking after the public. This background has helped her develop a fantatsic work ethic blended with a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude which our clients and her colleagues now all benefit from. A very bright career ahead for sure.

Lyndsey Rogers – “how does she do it”

The role of sales progression is one that strikes fear into most agent’s hearts. You need to be a particular person to manage this process In the right way, supporting the clients whilst solving problems that inevitably crop up, and Lyndsey is quite simply one of the best!
‘How does she do it’ is an expression David often hears from the wider team.


Jay Lota – “just joined but feels like a winner”

watch this space…


Matthew Mullane – “simply doesn’t stop”

Self-motivation is another skill that some just don’t have which isn’t unduly a problem, they just have to feed off others, Matt however is his own storm and has consistently proven he can make his own waves too. He simply doesn’t stop, thinking, improving, challenging and giving his clients the very best of himself.


Chris Feedam – “always on the go”

Energy, energy ,energy, this along with a desire to help and be the best he can be is what Chris brings to the David Cliff family and it doesn’t go unnoticed by clients and team members alike. David says ‘The guy literally doesn’t stop and is the first to say ‘I’ll do it’, a great person to have and David believes every business needs a Chris….if thay can find one!


Helen Carroll – “the queen of numbers”

The accounts admin role is a very important one and needs complete trust. David had worked with Helen for 15 years previously and after his business got to the size where someone of her experience was needed he made it clear that only she would do, and thankfully she came.


Katie Clarke – “truly unflappable”

As a property manager in the lettings team this lady just makes things tick and David has never seen her phased once. As with sales progression you do have to be a certain person to love this role and also to be able to do it well, Katie is the best we’ve seen. No matter what the issue she remains truly unflappable and simply solves problems, priceless.