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making the right decision

If you have a trusted solicitor who you’ve used before we recommend sticking with them. If not, then estate agents can advise you – just be wary of agents who are driven by the size of the referral fee they receive rather than the quality of the solicitor.
Also, when choosing a conveyancer be sure to ask them if they work under a ‘no sale, no fee’ model; if they don’t you could end up paying legal fees even if your transaction falls through.

our recommended choice

We can connect you with our trusted conveyancing partners if you want us to. In the name of transparency, we do receive a small referral fee for doing this but it is not the motive for our recommendation – they genuinely are the best around.
Aside from being great value, efficient and professional; they also offer the popular ‘Contract Ready’ option to give you a real head start in the marketplace. We explain this option in more detail in the next section.

contact ready for FREE

Our recommended conveyancers have introduced the ‘Contract Ready’ scheme to get you ahead of the game. This approach means that all your documentation is sorted before your property even goes to market. Plus, when we refer you it’s completely free!

Being contract-ready speeds up the selling process and looks more desirable to buyers. It also makes you a more attractive option when putting down an offer for your new home – so it benefits both ends of the deal.