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or unique

Certain properties, whether high-end or just a bit ‘quirky’, can benefit from clever marketing strategies which work to highlight and complement their unique features. We created ‘noir’ to serve a genuine purpose – to market specially selected homes to their relevant audience.

doing things differently

Many estate agents have sub-brands which offer slightly ‘shinier’ marketing to higher-end properties, but if your property isn’t high value then they won’t be interested. Even homes which do make the
cut are simply labelled as ‘exclusive’ or ‘premier’ – but not much else changes. We don’t go on value; so no matter what the price bracket, if you’re selling a property with a certain character or unique feature, something that stands out from the crowd, then our exclusive ‘noir’ brand will make sure it’s marketed effectively and to the right audience. Get in touch today and tell us all about it!

what they said about what we did...

“The team at David Cliff approached the sale of our property with a real sense of professionalism. They understood that our property was niche and that it would require more time and effort to sell this than a standard property. They were always honest with feedback straight from the start, even when it wasn’t necessarily what we wanted to hear, and this is something that we really valued when looking back. The ‘noir’ team always acted with integrity and seemed genuinely nice people.”

“Just a quick note to thank yourself, Joss and the David Cliff team hugely for your excellent efforts in selling Yew Tree Cottage for us, so efficiently and so quickly. As you so readily identified then a 17th Century listed building, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies, takes rather more creativity and empathy than is offered as standard by a run-of-the-mill estate agency; there’s a need to really understand the property, and at the other end then to have appreciated the potential buyers as suitors for such an individual house. From start to finish we got the impression that we had the full attention of yourself and the ‘noir’ team, and even going above and beyond to get involved in the negotiation on our new (equally quirky and period) Cottage. We couldn’t have done this so smoothly without you.”