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Tight game against Bourne….


Opportunities not taken in a tight game against Bourne……

A fast paced game played by Bourne and the Hurricanes on Sunday. With the shorter/wider pitch and knowing Bourne were a stronger team (from our days back in NEH where we played them), we switched to 4-4-2 to provide more support in the midfield. Dale was still injured from a dead leg received in a game yesterday, leaving the lads with a single sub. Bourne struggled last week with injuries but were out in force as a squad today.

As the game settled in, Bourne showed they were quick on the break and keen to get their shots away. Jake was up to the task, working his angles and making the early saves. At the other end, Bourne’s keeper was quick off his line and smothering the Finch through balls and claiming/clearing the Finch corners and crosses. Our lads were working hard but making the job harder at times by giving the ball away after doing all the work.

Ollie broke the deadlock when Max to put him through 1-on-1 with the keeper. The 1 goal lead didn’t last long unfortunately when Finch conceded a penalty for a trip in the box, which was tucked away just out of reach of Jake’s finger tips. The first half saw more chances for both teams (Max hitting the upright was the closest and Ollie going through 1-on-1 with the keeper again) but neither team could hit the target or beat the keeper.

The second half saw Finch kicking up hill (but with the wind at their backs now). The Hurricanes were still struggling to keep the ball, but were doing a good job of containing Bourne and winning the ball back. Jacob hurt his knee and couldn’t continue with 25 minutes to go. 

Finch kept pressing forwards with the ball and got into some good shooting positions on several occasions but couldn’t make them count. Bourne were defending in numbers. Bourne were awarded another penalty for another trip, which was saved by Jake’s legs. Eventually the home team took the lead when their fast striker was played through the position Jacob would normally have held to create the 1-on-1 with Jake.

As the clock started to run down, Finch legs were tiring and the concentration was starting to go. This put them under a lot of pressure from Bourne, but they still couldn’t capitalise on their advantage. In the final kicks of the game, a Finch free kick was spilled by their keeper but he did enough to put off the followup shot inside the 6 yd box.

So final score 2-1 to Bourne.

Well done all.

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