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Finchampstead V Eversley & California last game of 2019


Saturday 7th December, Finchampstead are up against Eversley and California in their last game of 2019. The game is to be played at Finch. This will be a tough game as a few of Finchampstead’s players could not make it but they will give it everything they’ve got. 

11:00  Kick off:

Finch start with the ball but don’t keep it for long and the opposition attack on the home goal is foiled. Finch carry the ball straight to the other end of the pitch but they can’t quite find the back of the net and Eversley recycle. 

The home team pass the ball around nicely which leads to an attack, but Finch can’t quite convert. The opposition clear up the pitch and great goalkeeping by Luke forces the striker to miss wide. Eversley carry the ball into Finch’s box but Leo manages to regain possession, stopping the attack. The ball is then cleared but the Eversley keeper manages to get to the through ball before Nathaniel. 

It’s relentless end to end attack, and this time it’s thanks to Alfie that the ball was successfully cleared from the Finch box. The ball is brought back to the danger zone but was once again cleared by home keeper, Luke. A free kick is awarded to Finch and Jake Mo almost scores but the Eversley keeper did an amazing job of keeping it out the goal. Luke makes another save at the opposite end just moments later and the match remains goalless. .

George threads a ball into the Eversley box but again the keeper manages to get the ball first. Finch apply more pressure and win a corner, superbly taken by Sam F but in a crowded box the Finch attackers couldn’t get a shot off between them. The opposition then brought the ball to the Finch box but thanks to Luke’s amazing dive the ball doesn’t find the back of the net. 

Some great skills from Sam F lead to an amazing cross by George, almost finished off by Nathaniel, but still neither team could find the net. Then before anyone could blink, a deft chip over the top of the Eversley defence from Lucas C finds Nathaniel who takes a touch then bangs it into the top right of the goal, 1-0 Finch. . 

Finch right back, Josh, sends a long ball forward looking for a quick second goal, but the finish wasn’t there and it was cleared… After another save by Luke, and a goal line clearance from Jake Mo, racing back after Luke had been nicely chipped, Finch made it to half time with their lead intact.

Half time summary:

Finch had a lot of attacks but so did Eversley.  The home side were getting up the pitch a lot on the wings using the pace of Jake Mac, George and Lucas S but the away team’s defence was fast too. Finchampstead are winning 1:0 but they haven’t won yet, and they will have to do well to secure the win. 

2nd half:

Unfortunately a robust tackle on Sam F meant he had to be substituted early in the second half.

A combination of the offside flag and a number of excellent interceptions from centre back, Ollie, saved Finch after a series of Eversley attacks. A great clearance from Luke lead to another shot from Nathaniel but this time the Eversley keeper managed to save it and clear the ball himself.. 

James, playing upfront for Finch, collects the ‘over the top’ ball and advances towards the Eversley goal but is unable to get a shot away before the away defender cuts across him and takes the ball.

The next free kick is to Eversley. It is a beautiful shot to the top right corner which Luke couldn’t quite reach, and Eversley pull it back to 1:1. 

Finch are determined not to settle for the draw and, from a corner, Lucas C hits a shot from distance and the away keeper does well to keep it out. Eversley counter and cross into the Finch box; it’s a great shot but Luke’s too good and safely saves.  Moments later he dives to again deny the visitors.

A final Finch attack from a throw in almost enables Leo to get passed the line of defence but he is tackled, and the match ends in a draw.

Full time: 1:1

The game was very close and there were some great plays; overall it was a very good match which included a few amazing shots. 

Written by Ollie, age 13.

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