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Finch Hurricanes step it up against Yateley Dragons


Sunday 25th October, Finch Hurricanes step it up against Yateley Dragons

Finch have a bit of history against Yateley in last years SPL cup (losing 3-0) and the friendly (losing 3-1). Yateley finished 4th in the Premier Elite last season. And we were missing Cam and Matt for todays tough fixture. And of course we managed to get completely soaked in the warm up!!

Finch were into top gear from the kick off putting elements of training and the warm up straight into action from the edge of our penalty box….Dan picking up Luke with a line pass, who played Jacob through the backline for the cross/lob shot (not sure which) and I couldn’t tell if Lewis got the final touch bundling it into the net. 1-0 in the first minute!!

Yateley were chasing hard straight after this. Finch were defending in numbers, pressing quickly and forcing Yateley into long shots only. The Hurricanes kept breaking up the play and were making good decisions about playing the ball long, but weren’t anticipating the runs enough. Jack followed up to challenge the keeper, who spilled the ball but it bounced off Jack’s heels for the goal kick.

Yateley got the equaliser with a left sided cross into their striker for the volley. Jake pulled out a couple of brilliant saves including a free kick dropping under the crossbar. And Jake continued his sweeper role from last week, dealing with Yateley’s primary long ball weapon every time. 1-1 half time

Finch were fired up and came out all guns blazing at the start of the 2nd half. The anticipating runs were much more effective. Early chases went to Finch…Lewis C zipped the ball across the goal for Lewis B sliding in on the back post, millimetres from the tap in. Jack couldn’t quite direct his snap shot on target. Jacob picked out Lewis C on the run for the bullet header at the keeper. Jacob burst through 1-on-1 with the keeper but couldn’t slide it past him.

Both teams were tiring and the game stretched out and was end to end with both pushing for the winning goal. Yateley came close with the ball deflected across the face of Jake’s goal line. Dan rolled his ankle in a challenge with 10 minutes left. 1-1 final score and both teams could have won it with the chances they created at either end.

The lads definitely stepped up their football today on a heavy pitch. The work rate across the team was excellent with everything being left on the pitch. Pressing and team work remained high. Quicker releasing of the football was extremely effective and they were mixing up their play with some long balls too (which got better as the game went on). The work we have done in training over the last couple of weeks on the final third and the warm up was being used in the game…well done lads!!

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