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Caversham Trents Whites vs Finch Rovers


Caversham Trents Whites vs Finchampstead

Quarter Final

Trophy Game

March 7th 2020


We knew that our game against Caversham Whites

(TWO divisions ahead!) would be a tough fight

But with hope plus pride we prepared for the game

Just a pity the ref had not done the same….


No flags and no cards (though that WAS a relief-

Or our Jake may have come to a wee bit of grief).

And at times his decisions quite baffled the crowd

But his job is hard- no complaining out loud.


The start of the game was a shock to the Whites

Who would hardly have expected such a spirited fight.

Josh and Sam F had some neat interplay

And Sam T and Ollie cleared many away.


Nathaniel and Josh had runs towards goal

(Pretty hard to get past their keeper though).

No shins pads; cool dreadlocks and what’s on his feet???

Could they be trainers? His kits not really complete.


Our keeper’s a match to this Caversham foe

As he smothers, parries, punches balls from our goal.

Our Luke was kept busy throughout the game

As they raced towards goal again and again.


No-one on the pitch heads a ball like Sam T

Who positions himself just perfectly.

I fear for his neurons, but that’s just because

I’m a mother too- and bit of a wuzz.


Great triangular play from Jake, Bun and Sam F

(When we pass like this we are simply the best)

Jake storms through players before passing to Bun

Leaving dust behind in a determined run.



Twenty minutes had passed when they scored their first goal

Were we disheartened or discouraged? Hell no.

Tenacious Nathaniel had bursts of speed

And was surely fouled in the box, the Finch parents agreed.


Such a shame that the ref had forgotten those cards

Giving a pen without one becomes quite hard.

But we won’t complain or bemoan our fate.

Just roll up our sleeves and patiently wait.


Then it happens! A goal! And WHAT a shot!!!

Ajay at the corner had taken a pot…

It flew in an arc straight into the net.

That’s one the whole team won’t ever forget.


HALF TIME and a respectable 1-1 draw.

We were all ecstatic- couldn’t asked for more.

The boys had shone and worked so hard

Showing plenty of drive; going that extra yard.


The Whites coach felt his team had much more to give

And should pepper our goal til it leaked like a sieve

We withstood the barrage for a goodly while

But the pressure had really begun to pile.


In a spate of ten minutes, four goals were scored

Their passion had had its final reward.

(And one of those goals was an actual PEN!

So cards or not, it was given to them).

It would be easy now to give up hope

But we are not a side to sink or mope….


George and Kam ran the lines at lightning pace

Adam controlled midfield as his personal space.

And Leo’s block tackle was as good as a pro

The Thwack of four boots could be heard down the road.


James protected his line and battled with grit

And Lucas tackled and harried all over the pitch.

Then hopes were raised as Jake’s fouled in the box.

But then we remember- the refs cards are lost.

Nathaniel competed with pace for every ball

Though jostled and shoved, he rarely falls.

Then more bad luck- a Whites goal kick

Should have been our corner- it may have done the trick.


Then another blow as Kam’s taken down

“A PENALTY!” We think for our home town

But no? a throw in? How on earth…..?

For decisions to us there seems a dearth.


The final score was their 6 to our 1

But that’s half the story- we’d had a good run.

We’re proud of our boys for their skill and their grit

Are we downhearted at all? Not one little bit.

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