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Welcome to David Cliff Estate Agents in Wokingham

At David Cliff, we understand that finding your dream home or selling your property can be a significant life event. 
That’s why we our Wokingham office team are dedicated to making your real estate journey as smooth and rewarding as possible. With years of experience in the local market, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their property goals, and we’re here to assist you too.

meet the team

David Cliff

"at the helm with shiny shoes"

Matt Pointing

"knowledge and purpose"

Charles Allan

"energy and humour"

Lewie Hastings

"tenacious, persistent but fair"

Harmony Meek-Lee

"sets new standards"

Lyndsey Rogers

"how does she do it"

Natalie Stewart

"compliance queen"

Kane Barber

"the lettings encyclopedia"

Katie Clark

"truly unflappable"

Helen Carroll

"the queen of numbers"

Charley Butler

"our pocket rocket"

Ellie Preston

"born to be an agent"

Our Promise to You

  • Local Expertise: As a team of seasoned professionals, we know Wokingham inside out. From the charming neighbourhoods to the top schools and amenities, we provide you with unparalleled local insights to help you make informed decisions.

  • Personalised Service: Your needs and preferences are unique, and we treat them as such. We take the time to understand your goals and tailor our services to match your specific requirements, ensuring your property journey is tailored just for you.

  • Transparency: Trust is at the heart of our business. We provide open and honest communication, so you’re always in the know. We believe that transparency builds strong and lasting relationships.

  • Innovation: We leverage cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies to give your property the exposure it deserves. Our innovative approach ensures that your property stands out in the competitive Wokingham market.


Whether you're a first-time buyer, relocating, or looking for an investment property, our team is here to guide you through every step of the buying process. We'll help you find your ideal home in Wokingham.


When it's time to sell your property, we have the expertise to market it effectively, attract the right buyers, and negotiate the best deal. We're committed to achieving the optimal outcome for you.


Landlords can trust us to handle every aspect of property management, from finding quality tenants to maintenance and compliance. We take the stress out of letting your investment property.


Tenants can trust us to look after them throughout their tenancy to help them with anything they may need. Our team is here to help.

Why Choose David Cliff Estate Agents?

Our dedication to excellence and our passion for the Wokingham community set us apart. When you choose David Cliff Estate Agents, you’re not just getting a real estate agency; you’re gaining a trusted partner in your property journey.

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Ready to take the next step in your property journey? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you achieve your real estate goals in Wokingham.

David Cliff “at the helm with shiny shoes”

We tried to get David to say ‘We’ve done it’ but we don’t think anyone will ever hear him say those words, as far as he’s concerned his success (so far) is down to some incredible staff and the support local people trusting him and his team with their homes and he won’t be taking that for granted any time soon.

Matt Pointing  “knowledge and purpose”

Having had many years’ experience in a more corporate side of the business, he now brings all that knowledge and has adapted it to the exciting world of independent agency, and the freedom that gives him to give the ‘right’ advice. When you need a calm head with the ability to pass on immense knowledge in a purposeful way, this is where you come.

Charles Allan “energy and humour”

This guy is one David was keen to land, and he’s delighted he did. A top valuer who really analyses the art of valuing to be sure our clients get the best. Listen, and he talks a lot of sense, questions himself in a positive way to make sure he’s given his best, and he does, a very popular character and never a dull moment with him around.

Lewie Hastings “tenacious, persistent but fair”

David met Lewie some years previously and wished he’d had a space in the team for him but didn’t. Roll on a few years and when the right opening appeared, David went straight back to get him and was delighted when he said yes. He’s relentless in the right way and has an incredible work ethic which both our clients and his colleagues love.

Harmony Meek-Lee  “sets new standards”

In her previous career she became no stranger to working long hours and looking after the public. This background along with an insane work ethic has created a top sales personality that David feels lucky to have in his company. She now sets the standards for others who follow and her ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude is there for her clients and colleagues to benefit from.

Lyndsey Rogers  “how does she do it”

The role of sales progression is one that strikes fear into most agent’s hearts. You need to be a particular person to manage this process In the right way, supporting the clients whilst solving problems that inevitably crop up, and Lyndsey is quite simply one of the best!
‘How does she do it’ is an expression David often hears from the wider team.

Natalie Stewart “compliance queen”

Compliance and regulations have come on so much and it’s something David Cliff as a company take very seriously, so David made the conscious effort to have a designated, detailed and thorough person to make this role their own. He was lucky enough to find Natalie, she is the lady who must be obeyed 😊 and keeps everything just as it should be.

Kane Barber  “the lettings encyclopedia”

This man is what David wanted as a ’head of lettings’ not chat but action, immense knowledge and a genuine desire to be the best he can be for our clients. Someone who will lead the team and support them so they too can be the best they can be. If you need to know ANYTHING lettings, he’s your go-to guy.

Katie Clarke  “truly unflappable”

As a property manager in the lettings team this lady just makes things tick and David has never seen her phased once. As with sales progression you do have to be a certain person to love this role and also to be able to do it well, Katie is the best we’ve seen. No matter what the issue she remains truly unflappable and simply solves problems, priceless.

Helen Carroll  “the queen of numbers”

The accounts admin role is a very important one and needs complete trust. David had worked with Helen for 15 years previously and after his business got to the size where someone of her experience was needed he made it clear that only she would do, and thankfully she came.

Charley Butler  “our pocket rocket”

Charley is a large part of the energy in the Lettings team and loves nothing more than finding the best tenants for our landlords. To try and keep up with her is quite hard when she’s on a roll so if you need something done, pass it over and let her go with it.

Ellie Preston – “born to be an agent”

No stone left unturned with this lady, she has an appetite for the industry that many would kill for and this translates itself into a dedicated and persistent negotiator who will look at every option and make sure she has you viewing everything you should be, she’s great to have on your side.