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Team hungry for a win


Sunday 3rd October 

Bracknell Ladies V Teddington XV

Bracknell Ladies were filled with excitement and anticipation as the time had come for them to run out on their home ground in the brand new sponsored kit. After the grand revealing of the kit on Wednesday 22nd following a HIA talk with the physio and club doctor, the team were hungry for the win with their last home game being so long ago. 

As the whistle blew at 1430 on the 1st team pitch Bracknell Ladies put in a good chase behind Chloe Evans high ball from kick off. With both excitement and nerves Bracknell were putting in big hits and defending well. It didn’t take long for Teddington XV to get the ball out to the wing and speed past Bracknell, for the first try of the match, with a successful conversion.  Bracknell went back to receive the kick and some great lines ran by both the forwards and backs allowed Bracknell to have the upper hand. With their only being ten on the pitch at once, it allowed the Bracknell to play as a complete squad and everyone on the pitch was making an impact. 

 Teddington XV soon got their fast legs to whip round the outside and pace along the wing, getting the second try of the match. This was not going to dampen Bracknell’s spirits though, the girls came back fighting. A pick and go from Tash King allowed yards to be made before she tipped the ball to Zara King who crashed through the back line, Leanne Smith running in support was the first to get a try for Bracknell. Esmee Struges then set up for the conversion, and with her focus and long boot she got another two points on the board for the ladies.  

Bracknell were not happy with just one try, they wanted another in the bag before half time, and with their quick hands the ball soon found the hands of Lorraine Bobb, who paced along the wing with support in tow and got her first try of the match, and again Esmee successfully kicked the conversion. 

At half time the score was 14-12 to Bracknell Ladies. 

Second half soon began with the crowd cheering on both Bracknell and Teddington XV the girls were again working hard to get the tries both teams felt they deserved. Bracknell had a penalty against them for being offside Teddington took advantage and made some ground up the field and soon they got their third try in the bag, which was successfully converted. As Teddington came back and took the kick, Bracknell were ready for the ball and a great take from Shiv Jamieson and an offload to Zara King meant again Bracknell was travelling towards their try line and fast. Tash was in support and Zara managed to get the ball away from a tackle to her, Tash then got the third try for Bracknell. Chloe took the conversion by a drop kick, and again got 2 more points on the board. 

Another great kick from Chloe and great defensive work from Bracknell saw Teddington XV make mistakes which Bracknell could use to their advantage. Teddington XV worked hard to turn over the ball from a ruck and Bracknell lost the ball, however with some great cover tackles by the back Racheal Smith and Leah Watts the ball was taken out of play by Teddington XV. A Bracknell Line out gave Shiv a chance to show her pace and strength as she ran down the pitch smashing the players out her way, and she crashed over the line, getting the fourth try for Bracknell, this kick was unsuccessful. 

The next try was to be made by Bracknell’s very own kicker, Esmee. Again the team worked together to drive Teddington XV back until they had enough space for Esmee to pace past their team. It was another team try with all the girls putting in 100%.

Again Bracknell Ladies held their head high and continued to put in the hard work to make ground. A great run from Amber Ledger and Amber Clarke allowed more ground to be made. The ball was quickly recycled by Hannah Taylor who got the ball to Zara’s hand who had support either side by Amber Clarke, Zoe Young and Esmee, and once again Bracknell had got another try, with the conversion successfully kicked by Esmee. 

As the final whistle blew the girls were in high spirits. Teddington XV were a great team to play and they made the match enjoyable. The girls look forward to playing them again later on in the season. 

Forward of the match – Zoe Young 

Back of the match – Leanne Smith

Most improved -Rachael Smith 

Final score: 40 – 24 to Bracknell Ladies.

Well done all

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