the scary bit...

Often the scary bit but it really doesn’t have to be. The trick here is quite simple, talk to an independent broker who you feel comfortable with and that you feel is looking after you. Not always as easy as it should be we know.

We only have two brokers we recommend because we feel this way about them, and many of our clients have come back to us saying how great they found their help.

sound advice...

Here at David Cliff we take financial advice very seriously and our main priority is to ensure the advice given is totally honest and unbiased which means we will give you the upside and the downsides, should there be any, to every option you have available to you. Because of this promise David decided against having ‘David Cliff’ brokers who were employed by him and instead went looking for independent brokers who had both immense experience, integrity and a bedside manner that he felt complemented the David Cliff way... and he found them in ‘The AFP Partnership’ & 'First extra'

Feel free to ask should you find this service interesting and we will put you in direct contact.

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