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Bracknell kicked of their first away game of the season eager to get points on the board. A high ball from Zara King allowed the ladies to gain ground quickly and were quick to put the opposition under pressure. The first hit of the game made by Tash King gave Bracknell the time they needed to form their defensive line with great communication from all and with Harlequins in possession the ladies knew they had to work to get the ball back.

A penalty in the oppositions favour meant they pushed Bracknell back as they kicked the ball for a line out. A great lift by Bracknell allowed Courtney Meers to get a hand to the ball and pop it down into the safe hands of Tash as she gained ground through the 5 meter channel with great support play, however a slight fumble gave a scrum in Quins favour. The forwards worked together to compete against a strong scrum, but a quick ball from the opposition allowed them the time to kick into the Bracknell half landing into the hands of Cat Bell. This gave her the opportunity to stretch her legs down the wing, after beating one defender she was brought down. 

Quins were quick in defence and stole the ball from the ruck putting Bracknell on the back foot. With Quins going nowhere due to a strong defence from Bracknell, they were soon to make a mistake which led to a Bracknell scrum. Quick hands from Hannah Taylor allowed Zara to crash into the defensive line with fantastic support from Steph Sillito, Bracknell were making their way back into the oppositions half. Quick hands off a ruck allowed Shiv to show her power by breaking through the defensive line. With Amber in support she received the offload to continue the break, however with the opposition hot on her tail she gave the final pass to Shiv who dotted the ball down to get 5 points on the board for Bracknell.

After great attacking and defensive play from both sides, Quins managed to exploit Bracknell with quick hands and managed to break through the defensive line to equal the score. After relentless defence from Bracknell, the opposition managed to push back and got in another try just before half time. 

Half time score: 10-5

After a half time talk from their Captain, Bracknell set up to receive. After using the backs to send the ball wide it reaches Tori Collins who manages to gain ground for Bracknell. After losing the ball due to a knock-on, Bracknell know they have to work hard to regain possession. Hannah utilised a quick penalty and ran towards the defence who were not back 10 meters, giving them a second penalty which was taken quickly by Shiv. After crashing the ball in less than a meter from the try line Mealsy Whitbread spotted a gap and made a quick pick and go from the ruck to get her first try for Bracknell under her belt. 

The girls got straight back to it after the kick off with quick offloads pushing further and further into the oppositions half. With Zara at fly-half she provided clear communication that could be heard by all. With this she got her backs set and with quick hands sent the ball down to Joy Westlake. With her quick feet and strong hand offs she was quick to beat the defence and get her first try of the game on the board. 

The girls continued to give it their all in defence after the ball was lost after a knock on, but soon they found themselves back in possession. Freshly subbed, Zoe Young receives the ball from an offload and she smashes through the opposition eventually going to ground with three players attached to her. Another quick ball to the backs and the ball lands in the hands of Joy who runs around the trailing defenders to get her second try of the game. 

Yet again after fantastic play from both the forwards and the backs, who had collaborated together successfully throughout the entire game, the ball made it to the wing again where Joy did what she does so well and outpaced the opposition handing them off to get her total up to 15 points so far. With a drop kick from Zara, she added another 2 points on the board for Bracknell. 

After persistent play from both teams a penalty goes in the favour of Harlequins, and with a powerful boot they set up for a line out just outside Bracknells 22. With a quick lift Courtney steals the ball and brings it down, Tash and Zoe react quickly and ruck over. Seeing that they are in their 22 Shiv moves into position behind the ruck and calls for the ball to clear it. The ball travels well into the opposing half and Bracknell put in a massive chase to apply pressure. Quins continue to compete with Bracknell to gain more ground however after a stray kick from Quins lands on Joy she capitalised on the lack of defence and ran through for her fourth and the final try of the game. 

Final score: 17-32

A massive thank you to our supporters who travelled to watch and cheer us from the side lines.

A few words from the Captain: “I enjoyed playing alongside you all so much today, we worked as one unit, our comms were great and our defence was strong. Well-deserved win because we stuck at it, supported each other and didn’t take our foot off the gas. Each game we get stronger and stronger. I am so proud of you all and can’t wait for next Sundays game.”

Next fixture: (H) Sailsbury 27/10/2019


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