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Finchampstead Rovers vs Laurel Park Hurricanes


It’s Saturday the 19th October 9am and both teams start to drift in, will they be tired or bushy tailed and ready to play the game that we all love…. football.    Both team captain’s shake hands, the coin is flipped and the game is on!!!   Both teams start well with swift movement in mid-field, the ball drops to a L.P. player who squeezes through our defence they kick the ball in the air and it comes down to Josh S …… (please not again??), this time he heads it with his forehead Phew, and the ball goes out for a throw in.   Bunny boy steals the ball with a thunder tackle from the throw in, he runs with the ball and slips through to Leo who completed some good foot work, Nathaniel calls for the ball which falls to an  L.P. player they move forward with a swift few passes, “on your toes Sam T” came a scream from the crowd, with a bolt of speed he catches up with the ball and knocks the ball in to touch then it’s a corner.   Olli kicks the ball, Sam F touches it down with a pass back to Kam the man . With his black hair flowing as he runs forward (must be Pantene Pro-V ) Kam switches play and passes over to Lucas Coe. Great passing game through the mid field, the ball slides through to Nathaniel like a flash his foot blasted the ball …..GOAL 1-0 boom get in.   L.P player kicks off with a promising start they really are biting back, they have 4 in our box with only 3 in defence could be a quick equalizer….. No the ball was cleared in the end by Josh, L.P player hits back with another attack running through our mid-field, we have only one in defence and the keeper to beat with a trick around Olli…… 1-1 goal.   With half time creeping up we have an injury, the ref holds up the game but we cannot see anyone on the pitch injured? The linesman waves his arm in the air, with everyone watching and wondering what’s going on…..hold on don’t worry it’s only their linesman who’s pulled his calf. The linesman has been changed and the game is back on.   Simon makes a change with Leo off and Ajay on, Josh has the ball, after a great tackle to save the ball from an L.P player, the ball is back with Olli, with his famous kick it lands to Lucas C  the ball slides across the wet green grass Ajay has the ball he has to score… he smashes it wide…!   Half Time   Second half   Both teams make a great start L.P has the slight edge and through the midway with a thunderous strike the ball heads for the goal, once again Olli and his big hands saves the ball, the ball is played out to Sam T, Kam the man, Lucas S and Jack, this is a great play by the boys (I’m not making this up) Bunny and Ajay complete a great link-up with Nathanial in pursuit, unfortunately L.P sweeps the ball away for a corner to us, the ball comes swinging in but wrong side of the line, goal kick.   Midway through the second half the Finch boys keep battling on as we only have 1 sub and legs are getting tired (I cannot remember who’s come on or off and I’m getting a bit weak myself) as the boys battle on L.P keeps us on our toes, Lucas S made a great run through their mid-field, it’s like watching skating on ice… with a one two on his feet… boom he shoots? Over the cross bar.   This game is end to end, both teams are fighting to win the game, with my fight to live and hangover kicking in….L.P. win the match with 1-3. Great performance by Finch but unfortunately they lose to a strong team.   All jokes aside, finch really played well against a good side who normally beat sides 10-0, so credit and respect.   The final score was 1-3

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