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Finchampstead Rovers 19.1.19


Saturday 19th January saw Finchampstead Rovers take on Eversley & California Rangers

An early start on a freezing cold day

As we travel to Eversley to watch our team play.

A game of two halves, with the first just sublime

They passed fast and crisp and flew down the line.

There were crosses and tackles and a strong back four,

A positive start (we could ask for no more).

We counted the passes- was that twelve in a row?

All that training and coaching is out there on show.

Midfield battles were won by our side

Simon’s top coaching tips were being applied.

It was a hard-working team with defense standing strong

George, James , Lucas C didn’t put a foot wrong.

Ajay and Nathaniel battled hard for their side

And no one can fault just how hard they both tried.

Lucas S, Alfie, Leo were great on the wing

Flying fast down the line, chasing everything.

Kam and Oliver stood strong and also showed pace

And Sam T won every man-on-man race

Wherever you looked there was great linked-up play

To brighten this otherwise dismal day.

Then the moment came! Pressure took its toll

As we took the lead with a Harrison goal.

The first shot by Nathaniel flew fast and strong

Parried out by the keeper who couldn’t hold on.

And there in position and ready to score

Was our very own Bunny- our number 4.

The whistle was blown; the first half complete

Oranges for the boys and sausage rolls to eat.

A game of two halves is an old cliché

But there was some truth on this match day.

Our boys battled hard but Eversley were a threat

With Luke stopping shots from hitting his net.

Jake was a star in his role as last man

We all held our breath as he took chase and ran.

But Eversley’s pressure began to grow

And number 7’s ability started to show.

He ran, he shot, Luke parried it well

But he shot once again- and scored. Oh hell.

But did we lose heart and shoulders drop?

NO! (but Eversley were getting harder to stop).

In the last few minutes we showed our grit,

Sam Fryer, James, Leo still battling for it.

The whistle was blown- final score one all.

Well done Finch Rovers for some great football.

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